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Fronteira Global is a boutique investment advisory firm specializing in selected emerging and frontier markets. We believe in the ability to control investors’ risk in seemingly high-risk environments, thus unlocking the positive power of global capital for developing economies.

We work with accomplished local entrepreneurs and global market experts to structure secured, high-IRR private investment opportunities in some of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic markets. Our extensive experience and local expertise enables us to develop strong relationships with intimate market knowledge.

Fronteira Global helps hedge funds, private equity firms, and other investors locate and structure high-return, controlled-risk, investment opportunities to diversify and strengthen their portfolios. We also work with investment bankers, structured finance advisors, development finance institutions, and other global capital market experts to deliver capital raising and other investment solutions.

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Latin America

Top-level analysis tends to oversimplify the many complex differences between the investment opportunities of the Americas. From the repressed and unstable economic climate in Venezuela, to its polar opposite in Chile, investors must understand the complex political economy of each market in order to garner a full picture of their investment risks and opportunities. Commercial stability is often masked by political instability, while apparent political stability can sometimes mask complex economic risks. With decades of experience in emerging Latin America and an office in Curitiba, Brazil, Fronteira Global’s team of advisors is well-positioned to help you structure lucrative, risk-adjusted investment opportunities. Falamos Português! Se Habla Español!


IMF statistics project Iraq to be the second fastest growing economy in the world over the next five years! While Iraq’s oil industry is the main driver of this breakneck growth, it is the opportunities presented by a recovering middle-class, middle-income country that makes Iraq special. Iraq is in the first stage of a commercial and economic boom that will yield over half a trillion dollars of expenditures on capital projects over the next ten years. Fronteira Global management’s continuous engagement with the Iraqi market since 2006, and our extensive network of on-the-ground advisors and affiliates, gives us unique access to this complex, but opportunity-filled market.


With a complex and poorly understood political economy, most African economies require an experienced hand to navigate the challenges of doing business. Yet significant opportunities abound, given persistent capital constraints in most economies, neglect by many international investors, and an imminent demographic boom to Africa’s productive classes. Fronteira Global is not active in all African economies, but specializes in those markets where our experience is deepest. Given the enormous upsides to equity investment in the continent, and the available market for key classes of political risk insurance, equity investors are especially wise to consider the opportunities of dynamic Africa.

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